Process Operator Training

Process Operator Training

ARI's range of simulators for Operator Training in the Oil and Gas                              Midstream and Downstream industries

The simulators provides detailed simulations of the various stages/ processes of crude oil distillation. The simulations are based on robust high-fidelity models, offering a dynamic behavior very close to the real process in all transient situations.  The result is an Operator Training experience that possesses a high level of realism. 

The simulator supports real plant features such as:

  • Process and Instruments
  • Safety & Control Parameters
  • Process control operator stations
  • Virtual Walthrough capability with interactivity
  • Emergency and response

ARI has also developed a 3D Virtual Refinery module. The 3d module enables the operators to take a virtual walkthrough of the refinery. This module is also interactive  wherein the user can actually open and close hand-operated valves, start and stop pumps, take field reading, see and hear equipment running, communicate with the control room, etc.

The simulators are available in the following configurations:

  • Full  Mission Plant and Process Control Simulator
  • Intermediate Training Process & Control Simulator
  • Basic Training Multi-Functional Classroom
  • Emergency Response & Disaster Management Simulator