Drilling Simulators

Drilling Simulators

ARI Drilling Simulator offers a complete solution for training in drilling, drill floor operations and well control.

Drilling Simulator is a state-of-the-art advanced simulation training solution which has been built to meet and exceed the training requirements of drilling operators, drilling contractors, OEM manufacturers and academic institutions in the oil and gas industry.

The drilling simulator can be configured to provide deep simulations of a variety of different rig and equipment types, including land rigs, offshore jackup rigs, offshore semisubmersible rigs, drill barges and platform/tender rigs.  Full mission installations are provided with a range of simulated consoles, equipment and manifolds closely resembling those found on the modern drill floor.  Drilling Simulator can also be configured to interface with cyber-chair control systems.

The product can simulate real-time drilling, tripping in and out, vertical as well as directional drilling, well control and automated pipe handling systems.   It allows trainees to be exposed to a broad range of scenarios from routine operations to well control challenges and emergencies with catastrophic potential.

The simulator can be provided in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Table top Simulator

  • Part Task Trainer

  • Full Mission Drilling simulator