ROV Operations

ROV Operations

ARI ROV Simulator provides a high fidelity simulation experience for the training of pilots on both inspection and work-class ROV units.

Simulated ROVs are equipped with two manipulator arms for undertaking basic sub-sea activities like retrieving and moving objects, and turning valves. The Operator controls and manages the movements and activities of the ROV through camera images and ROV status data updated on the specially designed conning interface. The ROV operating panel is equipped with the necessary Joysticks, Buttons, Levers, Indicators, and Switches necessary to perform ROV functions including,

  • ROV movement along 3 axes
  • Auto modes for ROV operation
  • Latch / Unlatch ROV to TMS; Tether payout and recover
  • Manipulator movements – extend / retract; turn; swivel; jaw open / close / rotate
  • TMS launch and recover using LARS A –Frame operated from Instructor Station
  • Full function simulated Sonar for sub-sea object detection

The ROV Sim includes a large number of special features that replicate the sub-sea environment and provide for a rich operating experience. Some of these features include:

  • Variable luminosity of below water area
  • Variable turbidity of below water area
  • Possibility of tether entanglement around sub-sea objects
  • Multiple vertical zones below water for variations in sub-sea currents