Offshore Towing

Offshore Towing

The ARI Tug Simulator allows Tug handlers, novice and experienced alike, to train in the handling of tugs with different propulsion systems and under a variety of simulated harbour conditions. The simulator is equipped with a variety of tug types, with different propulsion systems, ranging from conventional shaft propellers to ASD and Tractor tugs. The ARI Harbour Tug Manoeuvring (TM) Simulation module can also be incorporated as an extension to the Offshore Manoeuvring Simulator for extended training scenarios.  The trainee uses winch and tug control hardware to maneuver and operate tug systems to achieve exercise objectives.

The Tugs library includes several tug types, for example,

  • Conventional tug
  • Tractor tug
  • Reverse tractor tug
  • Azimuth stern drive tug

Using an appropriate Tug type, the trainee can practice and perform a range of tasks, including,

  • Familiarization training for towing operations
  • Basic training in towing and rope operations
  • Advanced operational training in combined towing, rope handling and manoeuvring operations