Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

ARI Integrated Offshore Simulation suite is an advanced simulation solution utilizing the latest technology platforms in the simulation world.

The ARI Offshore simulation suite consists of:

  • ARI Offshore Vessel Maneuvering  Simulator
  • ARI Dynamic Positioning Simulator
  • ARI ROV simulator
  • ARI Offshore Crane Simulator
  • ARI Offshore Vessel Engine Room Simulator
  • Unified Simulation Command and Control Centre
  • Multi-functional classrooms

At the core of the integrated simulation complexes is the capability to conduct fully integrated training missions.  From integrated vessel-rig crane operations up to complex ROV and IMR missions,  the ability to link the various full mission simulators into one unified operation is a unique capability.

Every individual simulator is provided with its own Instructor Control station, complete with audio and video monitoring of the training area, while joint missions can be operated and controlled from a single Unified Simulation Command and Control Station.