ARI Drilling Simulator for offshore rigs offers a compelling training, assessment and planning tool for offshore drilling operations.

The ARI Drilling, Rig Floor and Well Control simulator is  one of the most versatile and flexible training tools of its kind in the world. The simulator can be integrated with various models of cyber rig chairs. The ARI ‘Drilling, Rig Floor and Well Control’ simulator is a state-of-the-art advanced training solution designed to meet and exceed the training requirements of Drilling Operators, Drilling Contractors, OEM Manufacturers and Academic Institutions in the oil and gas industry. It is equipped with a range of simulated consoles, equipment and manifolds closely resembling those found on a modern drilling rig floor.

The simulator is recreates the process of drilling to educate operators over a wide range of situations, from routine operations to emergencies with catastrophic potential.

The User has the flexibility to choose from a variety of configurations of the drilling simulator, including,

  • Table top Simulator
  • Part Task Trainer
  • Full Mission Drilling Simulator