As a part of ARI Simulation’s “Go Digital” strategy and to ensure continuity of Certified Simulator based training and assessment, ARI has developed a cloud version of the drilling and well control simulator “e-sim.cloud/ARI-DWC”

Cloud simulation provides our customers with an effective solution to remotely deliver the full spectrum of training requirements. The cloud-based drilling simulator solution for well control education, training and assessment enables the instructor/ assessor to access the advanced simulator online, and to manage and distribute the simulation exercises to the students, who can practice and prepare anytime, anywhere.

The cloud-based simulator meets and exceeds the requirements of certifying bodies such as the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) for drilling & well control simulator.

Interactive, emulated versions of the control panels and SCADA interfaces replicate the physical simulator and ensures realism. The intuitive user interfaces, trainee and instructor dashboards have been adapted and redesigned to suit online learning and assessments.

The deployment architecture ensures that the instructor/ assessor who leads the simulator exercises can engage multiple trainees in the same simulation exercise.

In a multi trainee scenario, the instructor can designate the trainees as drillers or supervisors to complete a simulation exercise or an assessment. The instructor can review the trainee actions individually for later debrief.

Modern teleconferencing suites or custom-made accompanying applications are used to conduct team-based training with the trainees simultaneously accessing the simulator from different parts of the globe.

Key Features of the ARI cloud-based e learning module include:

• Cloud based deployment

• Realistic simulation experience

• Flexible and accessible

• Instructor led exercise creation and debrief

• Accessible from all common web browsers

• Unlimited exercise/ snapshot options

• Supports individual training as well as team based exercises


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