Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

ARI’s oil and gas range of simulation products are targeted to address the competency requirements of personnel working in the upstream, midstream and downstream Industries

The industry , with its unique demands and challenges requires specialized, specific training solutions that allow personnel to be immersed into the complex environment of the oil and gas world.

Our Simulator products can be deployed to fulfill a variety of roles including Induction Training, skills development, competency assessment, operator screening, orientation, mission rehearsal, operational resource management, emergency and crisis management.

The range of oil and gas simulators include Offshore simulators such as OSV Handling, Dynamic Positioning, Anchor Handling, Offshore Towing, ROV Operations and Integrated solutions. The ARI Offshore simulators have been built to comply with the requirements of IMCA, The Nautical Institute and UKOOA. Our Offshore bridge, Offshore crane and DP simulators have been audited and certified by DNV-GL to the highest Class A Standards.

ARI has also built state of the art Drilling and Well control simulators. The drilling simulators are available in a range of configurations from Tabletop based simulators to Full Mission Simulators with hardware in the loop. ARI ha also built simulators for hydraulic fracturing, shale gas extraction and allied processes for production and completion. ARI's well control simulator has been accredited by IWCF.

On the plant and process operations front, ARI has developed Process control simulators for crude oil refining. The simulator models all the major processes carried out in a crude oil refinery.