ARI Navigation simulators are designed to satisfy a variety of training needs from desktop training programs to full-mission solutions, including training on Radar/ARPA, ECDIS, Conning & Maneuvering, Visualization and Navigational aids.

These simulators have been designed in accordance with IMO resolutions and fully comply with STCW 2010 standards.  Their modular design caters for a wide range of training possibilities, including voyage planning, ship handling and communication and can be used to train beginners and experienced marine professionals.

ARI Navigation Simulators allow trainees to practice the theoretical concepts, as well as develop familiarity with the operating controls of ECDIS, RADAR and conning software.  As the traditional paper navigation charts become more redundant, an increasing reliance on the ECDIS for position monitoring is a natural corollary.  While these tools are very useful, navigators must to learn to use them effectively and with a complete awareness of the limitations and constraints of the equipment in order to be safe.

The navigation simulators (software and hardware) can be configured to suit a range of client requirements with advantages such as:

  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Customization flexibility
  • Training multiple trainees on the same network