We can provide totally integrated simulation complex facilities on a turnkey basis.

Our services cover entire spectrum of providing Integrated Simulator training for Navigators, Engineers, Pilots, Crane Operators, GMDSS Operators and Port stevedores. These services are: setting up infrastructure, installation of simulators, training the trainers for conduct of specialized simulator training and advice on course curricula development and approval.

A typical integrated simulation solution provided by ARI comprises of Full Mission interactive Navigational Bridges, Instructor’s station, Full Mission Engine Room Simulator integrated with Bridge Simulator, GMDSS Simulator for communication training and Full Mission Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators for Oil tankers, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG Carriers and LNG Carriers. These can be used either in standalone mode for training in specific functional competencies or in combined mode for a holistic training and team exercises. At ARI we believe that integration operations demand integrated training to ensure safety and professionalism.

Each simulator is capable of supporting the full extent of training requirements, and incorporates maximum design flexibility, enabling modifications to suit different requirements and is flexible enough for future expansion and up gradation.

 An Integrated simulation solution provides facilities to simulate a number of ports and sea areas, different ship types, different cargo handling facilities and a comprehensive engine room complete with pipeline panels, main switch board, control room, local control station etc. High degree of visual and behavioral realism of ARI simulators will allow and make available a state-of-the-art training facility where training in highly specialized tasks relating to Navigation, watch keeping, berthing & unberthing operations, search and rescue operations, port cargo handling operations, safety, emergency & contingency, pilotage operations, and other ship processes can be seamlessly carried out.