The ARI Radar/ARPA simulator replicates the complete functionality and accuracy of such units found on board vessels.

The ARI Radar/ARPA simulator is a complete simulation solution meeting the requirements for simulators as per regulation I/12 of STCW 2010 and incorporates all the required features pursuant to MSC Res. 64(67) and MSC Res. A. 823(19) and is a complete emulation of shipboard Radar/ARPA equipment.  The Radar Simulator can be used to conduct the IMO Model course 1.07 and has been type approved by the DGS, Government of India for that purpose.  It may be used to conduct Radar/ARPA courses for navigators at both operational and management levels.

The simulator emulates a variety of the functionalities found in modern marine radar and provides control over traffic density, waterways, sea state and weather conditions. The ARI Radar/ARPA simulator is an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution which can be used in standalone mode for self-teaching, or in networked mode along with an Instructor console.

The advanced mathematical design of this simulator enables replication of wide variety of control to provide training in a highly realistic environment. Features available include:

  • Environment Effects like wind, current and waves
  • True and Relative Motion Displays
  • X-Band or S-Band
  • Pulse Length
  • Clutter Suppression
  • Ground or Sea Stabilized
  • Course Up, North Up, Head Up Display
  • Range Rings On/Off
  • Gain Control
  • Brilliance
  • EBL/VRMs
  • Trial Manoeuver
  • Roll and Pitch Effects
  • Set and Drift Effects
  • Parallel Indexing
  • Target Acquisition; auto or manual
  • Target Tracking; saves upto 50 targets in memory
  • Target Data Display
  • CPA/TCPA Limit Setting
  • True and Relative Vectors
  • Guard Zones
  • Visual and Audio Alarms
  • Realistic Interference: Starring, Spoking, Multiple Echoes, Side Lobe Effect, Blind Sector, Shadow Sector
  • Performance Monitor
  • SART activated by Instructor