ARI's Offshore Crane simulators provide a powerfully immersive reproduction of the offshore working environment for the delivery of effective training for offshore crane operators.

Actual lifting and weather scenarios can be faithfully recreated in the ARI Offshore Crane simulator and operators can be experientially trained.  The simulators allow for accurate training in a safe and controlled environment.  Trainees can repetitively practice routine and specific tasks to develop safe and efficient work practices.

Crane models include pedestal cranes, knuckle boom cranes, constructor cranes, subsea cranes and can be customized to support any customer specific crane.  Cargo types include containers, modules, personnel transfer systems, coils, drums and custom cargo can be developed to client requirements.

The trainees can be exposed to a broad range of virtual crane operations:

  • luffing up/down and left/right
  • lowering and hoisting
  • knuckle out/in
  • rope dynamics
  • signalman