Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) procures Drilling and Well Control Simulator


ARI is set to deliver a 1  + 2 Drilling and Well Control Simulator to the Universidad del valle Mexico (UVM). This simulator setup is envisaged to train graduates and under graduate students enrolled at the oil and gas programme at the university. The simulator has been designed to run in two independent modes ( Well control Mode and surface tool mode) .

In the well control mode the simulator will support kill-parameter estimations and counter kill-operations with the flexibility to choose any of the kill methods like driller's, wait and weight and volumetric method. The well control module is backed by the down-hole model which is a highly advanced processing module that provides a realistic simulation  of down-hole scenarios.

In the surface tool mode the simulator will allow the trainees to get hands on experience of the various rig floor operations like tripping in, tripping out, stand building etc. The simulator will also allow the trainees to appreciate and understand the complexities involved in such operations. Two SCADA control screens (Left and right) will be provided to the trainee, The SCADA screens will display the status of equipment as well as various parameters, which will be affected as the surface tool operations take place.
The system will allow the instructor to create, load, edit and save various exercises along with automatic fault insertion at runtime thus making it an extremely flexible system.