UMTC Manila, Philippines selects ARI to provide top of the line Crane Simulator Upgrade

Furthering it’s long standing association with ARI , United Marine Training Center (UMTC) is now going ahead with the upgrade of the Crane Simulator at its Manila simulator complex. As part of the upgrade exercise it will receive:
- the most recent software version release of the various crane simulator modules. These include First Illusion (FI3) visualisation module, mathmetical & physics model (collision, wind, friction, load & inertia, etc.), instructor, server, sound, etc.
- crane types to include heavy lift, offshore, ship pedestal, etc.

The upgrade is scheduled for completion within the 2nd quarter of 2018.

In 2017, UMTC had undertaken an excercise to upgrade the other simulators at the same centre including Full Mission Bridge Simulator, Mini Bridge Simulators , GMDSS Simulators, etc.

United Marine Training Center (UMTC) develops seafarers into highly skilled and capable marine professionals who are well-equipped to face challenges onboard, and be great assets to their company and the whole maritime industry.