POLITEKNIK NEGERI SEMARANG (POLINESS) to acquire state-of-the-art Full Mission Ship Manoeuvring Simulator from ARI Simulation

POLITEKNIK NEGERI SEMARANG (POLINESS), a public university located in the city of Semarang, Indonesia has placed an order with ARI Simulation to acquire a Full Mission Ship Manoeuvring Simulator. The simulator will have both the Instructor and Trainee stations with all associated components, such as Conning station, ECDIS module, NavAids module, RADAR/ARPA module, GMDSS station, Visual systems and Steering console. The ARI Full Mission Ship Manoeuvring Simulator, which includes a variety of ship models, target ship models and exercise areas for near-real practical training, will help POLINESS with Navigational, Manoeuvring, Emergency and Exceptional Environment Navigation training.