Palkan Marine acquires ARI's BTM/BRM simulator

Mubai, India based Palkan Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. (Palkan) is to install the Bridge Team Management (BTM)/ Bridge Resource Management (BRM) from ARI. This installation is scheduled for completion within October '18.

The BTM/BRM Simulator is a training aid that enhances trainee skills in maneuvering different types of ships in simple as well as complicated maneuvers in varying degrees of difficulty whilst coordinating with other members of the bridge team.

The BTM/BRM Simulator is designed and implemented such that training can be focused either on gaining proficiency on individual components such as Radar, ECDIS, Navigation Aids etc. and fulfilling complete objectives using the available resources on the bridge. The different modules of the simulator system are integrated together to provide functionality of various equipment found on the navigation bridge. Team exercises involving several trainees can be conducted effectively.