Maritime Academy of Nigeria selects ARI Simulation

ARI will install and commission a first of its kind Multifunctional classroom (30 stations) in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria. The individual trainee stations in this setup can be configured to run in any of the below modes/ simulators.

  • ECDIS, Radar/ARPA
  • Visual SW Module Bridge
  • Maneuvering /Navigational module
  • Class C DP
  • ER Sim Module
  • LCHS Sim (Including Stability Module)
  • High Voltage Simulator

The Multifunctional classroom is an innovative framework where a range of Maritime, Offshore, Communication, and Custom courses can be run at the same time using the same physical infrastructure.  The setup also provides the Maritime Academy of Nigeria the flexibility  to adjust and schedule the training curriculum according to the training needs of the students.

The installation will be the first in the world with the capability to run such an exhaustive range of maritime and custom courses within a single classroom.