FMTI extends training facilities - adds ARI's Engine Room and Ship Maneuvering simulators for its Mumbai facility

Fleet Management Training Institute (FMTI), Mumbai acquires ARI's state-of-the-art full mission simulators (Engine Room Simulator and Ship Handling Simulator) to upgrade its Mumbai centre.  

FMTI has been a long standing user of ARI simulators and chooses ARI yet again - a confirmation of the trust in ARI's technical and delivery capability!

The full mission ship handling simulator will include a 240 degree horizontal field of view projection based visualisation system along with hardware/ software modules for ship equipment i.e. GMDSS, RADAR/ ARPA, Navaids, Anchoring/ mooring, etc. 

The full mission Engine Room Simulator will include the hardware controls, panels & consoles for Engine Control Room, Main & emergency Switch Board, Engine Local control, etc. The engine models will include ME, RTFLEX, Dual fuel electric, etc.