Chennai Port Trust, India, to conduct Navigation Study and Pilot Training using ARI Simulators

Chennai Port Trust (CPT) want to assess the manoeuvring, berthing & un-berthing of Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) in order to ensure that safe operation can be carried out, along with providing training for its pilots. CPT intends to bring in VLCC in partly loaded condition for which full bridge simulator study will be carried out in order to assess the ship manoeuvrability for berthing and un berthing at BD1/3 in various weather conditions and in emergencies using available tugs with the port.

CPT have contracted ARI for the provision of it's Ship Handling Simulators for this study and pilot training. ARI will develop the vessel model and Chennai Port model using data provided by CPT.  ARI will work with CPT to execute various simulations runs in varying scenarios & weather conditions. It will also conduct the pilot training of CPT pilots.

The study and pilot training is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2018.