atumi State Maritime Academy, Georgia standardises on ARI's Crane simulator for training

Batumi State Maritime Academy (BSMA) is one of Georgia's most reputed internationally accredited higher-education maritime school in Batumi. BSMA has chosen ARI for the supply of a full mission crane simulator integrated with operator chair and controls.  

BSMA will train students using ARI's crane simulator for crane operations on various modern cranes including vessel-to-shore gantry crane. The various operations will include crane control & load positioning, safe handling of various cargo types, securing cargo and coastal objects against damage, practicing in optimal trajectory & effective techniques and schemes for cargo transfer.

In addition, BSMA will gain from using ARI's instructor based training modules which will allow  its instructors to guide and monitor trainees during the exercises. Instructors can review performance, plot metrics, comment on progress, trigger faults, and control other equipment or  environmental factors for better experiential training. 

The simulator to be installed and handed over to BSMA  well in time for it to start conducting courses by September '17.