ARI wins tender for supply of ROC/ARPA Simulators to MTI, Mumbai, India

Maritime Training Institute at Powai, Mumbai, India declares ARI to be the awardee for the global tender for supply and installation of ROC/ARPA simulators. 

The required hardware and simulator software will meet the DG requirements specified in Training Circular 05 of 2004 for ROC and Training Circular No.6 of 2004 for ARPA. The ARI Radar/ARPA simulator is designed and built to meet the general requirements for simulators as per regulation I/12 of STCW 2010. The edition the simulator to be supplied is derived from ARI’s DNV Class-A certified simulation platform, incorporates the required features as per MSC Res. 64(67) and MSC Res. A. 823(19) and is an emulation of ship board Radar / ARPA equipment.