ARI equips OERC, Mumbai with Full Mission Engine Room and Full Mission Ship Manoeuvring Simulators

The OERC Group includes OERC Academy and the Ocean Education & Research Centre Pvt Ltd. The OERC Academy conducts a number of STCW Modular Courses approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. The Ocean Education & Research Centre Pvt Ltd (OERC Pvt Ltd) conducts various 'Value added' vocational courses for enhancement of knowledge and skills of seafarers before and after joining sea service and as per the requirements of the industry.

ARI is set to equip Ocean Education & Research Centre (OERC) Academy, Navi Mumbai with its technologically advanced Full Mission Engine Room Simulator for electronic engine. The installation of new FMERS will be used for simulator based training complaint with guidelines of DG Shipping, GOI. This will support integrated operations with the Ship Manoeuvring Simulator. 

Further strengthening the alliance, ARI will also provide an upgrade of existing Full Mission Ship Maneouvring Simulator with new HMI/controllers and latest software versions including Ice Module.

With this, OERC, a well-established training and research institute is set to further solidify its position as a premier training institute.