About Us

ARI Simulation is a leading global developer of simulation training systems.

The company was established in the mid-nineties and in the years since then we have successfully delivered and commissioned large scale simulation systems for clients all over the world. With a team of highly skilled personnel, registered companies in India and the United States of America and representatives all over the world, ARI today has a truly global footprint.  ARI has successfully delivered many full mission simulation solutions over the years and a very large number of part task, classroom, desktop and mobile simulator and training solutions.

Our team of qualified professionals supported by a large pool of domain experts across a range of Industry verticals, ensures that our products meet industry expectations.

Our products are built to comply with the latest local and global statutory standards and our customer have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our products have all been certified by the world's leading competent authorities and our complete range of Naval, Marine and Offshore products are all certified to the highest class 'A' standard by DNV.

Developing customized solutions has always been one of our key strengths and we have created some of the most exacting simulator recreations of our clients’ own equipment, machinery, ships and geographies in the large number of customized simulator solutions we have delivered.

Our customer focus and attention to detail is reflected in our commitment to quality in everything we do.

We are proud to be at the heart of so many training centres, schools and company facilities all over the world supporting our customers and their workforce in being the most efficient, safest and productive professionals.

After all, Training people is your priority; Making it possible is ours.