About Us

From seafarer to visionary educator, Capt SSS Rewari’s energy, dedication and commitment is credited with ushering in a whole new era in marine education in India.

Capt. S.S.S. Rewari dedicated his life to the Indian seafarer from large maritime forums to simple, individual interactions. From sweeping changes in marine education to a single phone call to help a student in distress, for him the task was one and the same thing. To be a guru, guide and guardian to his students was of utmost importance and any pain on the face of a student reflected with pain in his own heart. He touched everyone in the most personal way. After a career at sea and reaching the rank of Captain, Capt. Rewari joined the marine teaching profession in the late 60s. He ascended to the highest positions in the Government of India Maritime Education and Training Institutes: Capt Superintendent, T.S. Rajendra and Principal, LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research. In mid 1991 as Principal, LBS CAMSAR he revolutionized the institution through sweeping changes such as modernizing the curriculum; completely renovating the campus; installing a Full Mission Bridge Simulator and Cargo Simulator, and arranging procurement of a Full Mission Engine Room Simulator. Capt Rewari’s energy and dedication drove him to continue an active professional life after retiring from LBS, when he assumed the post of Director, Marine Education and Training, FOSMA and moved to New Delhi. 

At ARI, his greatest success was in building an organization capable of delivering enduring quality which will stand the test of time. To enable this he put to use a remarkable knack for assessing people, building on their strengths, thereby creating an excellent team.

In 2004 Capt. Rewari postumously was awarded the prestigious Varuna Award, the highest recognition by the Ministry of Shipping,  Government of India for a lifetime of service to maritime education and training.