The ARI Cranes and Equipment Handling Simulators series is the ideal training platform for high quality training of operators engaged in operating cranes and equipment at construction and mining sites.

The simulators are available in a large range of configurations and sizes, to meet every possible training requirement of crane and equipment operators.

ARI Simulation systems are globally recognised as leading products offering the highest levels of realism in visualisation, behavioral modelling and control equipment used in simulation.

ARI offers complete flexibility to training providers in selecting the size and type of simulator and the equipment modules that will best serve their current and future training needs.

Premium Edition


Tower Cranes are the most widely used equipment in the high rise construction industry. Due to their design and operating conditions these cranes can pose significant challenges in safe and efficient operation. The Tower Crane simulation module is designed and built to provide the operators with a realistic training platform that helps them to understand and appreciate the risks inherent in operating these crane types. At the same time the operators can practice the operations, in a safe environment, to overcome the risks and conduct increasingly more efficient crane operations.

Tabletop Edition
Tabletop Edition
Tabletop Edition
Tabletop Edition


A Telescopic Boom crane type is used as the model for the ARI Mobile Crane simulation module. This crane type is frequently deployed in rough terrain in the construction industry. The trainee learns to operate the crane efficiently for various operations such as, moving loads inside the construction site, unloading material inside the worksite, operating in adverse weather conditions and many other similar operations.

The accurately modelled behaviour of the various crane components ensures that the trainee continuously receives reliable feedback during training.


Considered an extremely versatile piece of equipment, the Backhoe Loader is probably the first machine to enter a construction site and continues to perform a range of tasks and activities throughout the construction lifecycle.

The ARI Backhoe Loader simulation module is a comprehensive training module incorporating high end graphical visualisation, authentic controls, and superior mathematical modeling to provide an immersive environment for the training of Backhoe operators.


Wheel Loaders are amongst the mostly commonly used pieces of equipment at numerous construction sites, including mining locations. The Wheel loader module of ARI’s Construction and Mining Equipment Simulation suite is an excellent platform for training of operators to perform various tasks related to earth moving, truck loading and stockpile management. This module is of immense value to Wheel Loader operators to practice complex maneuvers and operations in a highly realistic and safe environment.


Dozer machines are designed as track chain mounted equipment with a dozer blade for pushing large quantities of material at mining and construction sites. Using the ARI Dozer Simulator module, the trainee can understand and appreciate the constraints of handling heavy equipment, while increasing the operational proficiency through repeated use of structured and graded exercise plans.

Replica machine controls can be provided for customised solutions.


A wheeled drive rear dump truck model is provided for transporting loose material for mining or infrastructure development purposes. The state-of-the-art simulator includes near-real replica controls integrated with the ARI simulation platform.

The operator practices the set of tasks associated with Dumper Truck operation including starting and stopping procedures, driving on different terrain types, parking, loading and unloading and several other tasks specific to Dumper operations.


Excavators or Diggers are essential tools in both the construction and the mining heavy industries. The Excavator simulator module offers a full-scale training tool for the continued performance improvement of excavator operators.

The modelled excavator machine is capable of performing digging, levelling, stock piling and other similar operations in the simulated work environment to a very high degree of realism.

All model specifications are based on real operating equipment from major equipment manufacturers. The operating envelopes, thresholds and constraints of the equipment are rigorously modeled, and the behavior of models is fully validated by experienced operators.

Other equipment and crane modules are being developed continuously. If you do not find a specific product type mentioned here or you would like to have a specific equipment module custom developed, please contact our Marketing Team today.

The simulators are available in a very large number of configurations to meet every possible requirement and budget. We can configure a layout to meet the space and dimensions of the room available. Custom solutions can be built on request – customisation is a key strength of ARI.

The controls used for the operation of the simulated equipment can be of the ‘near-replica’ type. Alternatively, ARI can use a real cabin and controls as provided by the OEM and interface the appropriate software module to create the next level of immersive realism in simulation training.

Integrated solutions are available that allow two or more simulators to operate in tandem. For example, Loader and Dumper can operate in the integrated mode in a common scenario, to fulfill the overall mission objectives.

ARI Crane & Equipment Simulators are normally offered with an integrated instructor station. The Instructor is provided with all the tools to control and monitor the simulator scenario effectively. Faults and Malfunctions library is included in Advanced version software. The Instructor can create abnormal or emergency conditions to test the trainee’s reactions and performance in critical conditions.


The Crawler Crane module provides a simulated environment for learning and practicing to operate these cranes in conditions that will be encountered by the operator on an actual construction site. The crane operating parameters, behavioral peculiarities and interaction with the environment are realistically demonstrated in the software module. The trainee can practice lifting different types of loads, each of which offers its own range of operating peculiarities.

Regular practice using the graded simulation exercises provided will steadily improve the safety awareness and operational efficiency of the crane operators.

Instructorless solutions are also available to overcome space constraints if any.

Pre-configured exercises are available for every equipment module. The exercises are graded in a way that the trainee can start with simple familiarisation functions and move to the most complex exercise involving multiple obstacles and dangers. By carrying out a complete set of exercises, the trainee and trainer can easily identify the progress being made on a continual basis.

Facility is available in the Advanced version modules to carry out automatic assessment of trainee performance. Structured reports can be generated clearly identifying the parameters of safety and productivity metrics.

Premium Edition simulators are provided with an integrated Motion system. There is a range of Motion systems to choose from depending on the budget and level of functionality expected.



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