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Simulation Solutions

Simulators are widely recognized as immersive, cost effective, and efficient training tools. In the past, simulators in general, and computing equipment, specifically, were expensive leading to general purpose simulator development. The modern, emerging trend is to use customized simulators to achieve specific training objectives, which is possible today at a reasonable cost and in short periods of time. More than any other manufacturer, ARI possesses the ability to customize simulation

solutions for specific client needs. This is ARI's key competitive advantage and we have invested significantly in developing expertise to ensure that client needs are met in the most specific way possible. All our simulators are extremely modular making it possible to tailor make a solution for today's needs while retaining the flexibility to grow or modify the system for future needs. All our simulators are expandable making it possible to start off with a small system to begin with and grow it in stages into a full mission simulator.

Recreating Ports

To create a real life like training environment we create digital virtual environment like creating complete infrastructure for the Ports, which includes creation of the topographic and oceanographic environment of the port like approach channels, basins, breakwaters, berths, cargo handling equipment, tank forms, navigational aids etc. Environmental, weather and tidal conditions are also modeled to replicate the actual scenario to create the training environment which is near "Real Life Like". This environment can be utilized to meet various training requirements like training in pilotage operations, training for berthing and mooring masters and crew, training for tug operators of the port, training in crisis management, emergency and contingency training etc.

Recreating Ships

ARI specialises in creating realistic replication of shipboard environments. We create replicas of shipboard environments which are useful for detailed process study, familiarization and self learning.Full scale replicas of any specified ship and shipboard environment can be recreated. Such replica will include the main deck, cargo handling equipment like pumps, valves, pump rooms etc, re-liquefaction plants, compressors, pipe line mimics, manifolds, Framo pump set ups and other equipment and machinery. A particular make model and type of equipment and its features can be simulated.

The environments are highly useful to familiarise ship's crew prior to joining or for familiarisation training on board ships. Complete operational procedures can be simulated which a trainee can undergo in simulated environment, thus minimising the time for on the job training and thereby enhancing safety and productivity. The solution is completely customisable and flexible to meet the specified requirements of customer to the fullest. This provides for a powerful training tool where all training is carried out in 'life like' environments without any danger to people, property or the environment.