ARI Simulation is a leading provider of simulation products and virtual reality training solutions across a broad range of industries including marine, offshore, oil and gas, exploration and production, airports, construction and defense. ARI’s marine simulation product portfolio covers the entire range of marine operations including Bridge, Engine, Cargo and Communication operations. ARI’s offshore products include simulators for drilling rigs, offshore cranes, offshore vessel handling, dynamic positioning, anchor handling, ASD tugs, subsea support, ROVs and more.

Our products meet and exceed the standards prescribed by various international statutory and industry bodies including the IMO (STCW 2010), The Nautical Institute, OPITO, IMCA and AMERC amongst others. ARI’s Marine and Offshore simulators are certified by DNV-GL to the highest Class A standards for simulation systems.

ARI sets an Industry benchmark by providing exceptionally realistic immersive and interactive virtual environments. The fidelity of the mathematical and physics models combined with ARI’s real time visualization presents a ‘near real’ experience for the trainees.

ARI Simulation offers scalable simulation solutions that range from standalone table-top simulators to fully integrated, large scale simulation systems that allow for combined training across multiple simulators. Integrated solutions fulfill specialized needs for the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries; the successful outcome of an operation depends heavily on multiple teams working together in very close coordination and cooperation.

Our Simulators meet, and in many cases exceed, relevant international standards from maritime administrations and bodies such as:

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An Integrated Simulation solution allows for simultaneous large scale training activities interconnecting various teams in one scenario, across one or more entities.

Such an integrated simulation infrastructure can comprise a number of functional simulators including full mission navigational bridges, engine room simulators and liquid cargo handling simulators incorporating multiple vessel types, seamlessly integrated in a unified virtual environment. This solution provides an ideal platform for extensive team building exercises & role playing functions across the virtual shipboard environments including shore based elements. Co-ordinated responses to emergency and crisis situations can be rehearsed providing valuable investments in critical areas of training.

Each individual simulator retains its own complete set of working characteristics and can be used individually or in combination with any number of other simulators either within the facility, or connected to a dedicated network linking multiple installations in different physical sites. All components retain their modular nature allowing for easy expansion and upgrade.

ARI Simulation offers design, build and installation services in the establishment of Integrated Simulation Complex facilities to Enterprises, Defense Establishments and Training Centers on a turnkey basis.

ARI’s simulation team can assist you in building the best possible training facility where training in highly specialized tasks can be carried out seamlessly and effectively.

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The ARI full mission ship maneuvering simulator is designed, built and installed in accordance with the requirements of IMO STCW 2010 and is approved by DNV-GL to the Class A standard. It is a complete maritime navigation training solution for all training needs related to navigation and ship handling. The elements include RADAR-ARPA, ECDIS and navigational equipment. Training is conducted in a compelling immersive atmosphere with full visual, instrument and aural clues available to the trainees.

ARI’s Navigation Simulators are available in a large number of configurations ranging from tabletop and part task trainers to large scale installations with 360o field of view with various navigation equipment integrated into the simulation systems.

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The Navigation Simulators fully provide for specialized navigation operations such as, Integrated Bridge Systems, Ice Navigation, Ship-to-Ship operations, SBM operations, VTIS operations and others as required to meet specific training and assessment requirements.

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The ARI Tug Handling Simulator provides an excellent training platform for both new and experienced tug operators to improve their tug handling skills and practice for emergency maneuvers and response. Available in multiple configuration types, the simulator closely resembles the layout and equipment of a modern tug maneuvering station and navigating bridge. Multiple tug types, including ASD tugs, are available in the vessel library and the sophisticated behavioral model ensures that complex tug maneuvers are performed to a high degree of accuracy and reliability under a variety of environmental and operational conditions.


The ARI GMDSS Simulator provides complete operational training in communication using GMDSS equipment as found on marine mobile and offshore units. The simulator complies with the performance standards for simulators as defined in Section A-I/12 and B-I/12 of STCW 2010 and DNV–GL. Specific configurations are AMERC approved.

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The GMDSS simulator provides an operating environment for the trainee similar to that of operating a GMDSS station on a modern ship. It is suitable for the purpose of training navigators at all levels, for handling distress and routine communication at sea using satellite and terrestrial communication equipment.


The ARI Full Mission Engine Room Simulator is a multi-functional training solution suitable for training Marine Engineers at Watch-Keeping, Operational and Management levels.

Multiple propulsion and engine room types are modeled including slow, medium & high-speed diesel engines, electric propulsion, azimuth propulsion, waterjet engines and others. The engine room comprises a Main Engine Control Room, Electrical Switch Board, and simulated machinery space including a mimic pipeline panel, and local operating stations.

Simulation of specialized systems such as High Voltage, Power Management, Fire Fighting and Offshore vessel specific sub systems for the handling of mud, brine and cement are also available.

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3D Immersion Station

A 3D Immersion station provides a real time immersive and interactive 3D environment in which the user can move through the virtual engine room and carry out the tasks related to machinery operations and watch keeping just as these are performed inside the vessel’s engine room.


ARI’s Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator simulates the real time process flow control systems used in the storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquids from shore to ship and vice versa, and is capable of being used for training over the full range of situations from routine operations to emergencies with catastrophic potential. The simulator is an advanced training solution for officers at the operational and management levels. It is a scalable solution starting with a single PC instructor-less solution and ranging up to full mission configurations comprising cargo control consoles, instructor stations, mimic pipeline panels and more.

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ARI’s Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator is considered to be amongst the most versatile and flexible training tools of its kind in the world. The model library includes Oil Tankers, VLCC, Product Tanker, Chemical Tanker, LPG Carriers and LNG Carriers. Each simulated vessel is equipped with a full function load calculator. The mathematical model that drives fluid behavior in the simulator is exceptionally powerful and ensures that accurate and reliable results are observed under every condition likely to be experienced during vessel cargo operations.

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