HOON Maritime, India selects ARI to provide top of the line simulators for training

Hoon Maritime Institute, a D.G. Shipping approved post sea institute, located in the heart of Kolkata's Marine District. selects ARI to provide it with a wide range of simulators .  These simulators will  provide high fidelity simulation experience for the training its students on various disciplines. The  simulator complex at Hoon will to include:

- Engine Room simulators including combustion module : 6 trainee stations 

- ECDIS simulators in classroom setup: 12 stations  

- GMDSS Simulators  supporting Sailor model(s):  6 trainee stations

- RANSCO simulator: 6 trainee  stations

All simulators will support DG India guidelines and  needs to be installed / made ready for use for Hoon within a month;s time.