ARI wins tender for supply of Control System Simulator to Indian Navy

ARI has been selected by Ministry of Defence, India from a global list of respondees to the tender for supply of ONEGA control system simulator. ARI's performance & track record, quality , delivery timliness, compliance to the stringent speicifications, etc. are some of the criteria that made it the winner for this tender.

The simulator will be used for training of operators on the Onega Control system supplied by Avrora (Russia) and fitted onboard Indian Naval ships. The simulator will be set up at INS Shivaji, Lonavla. The simulator will be capable of imparting training to the crew on the Onega Control Systems fitted on the two specific classes of Indian Naval ships.

The simulator will include training modules which will be used for imparting training:

  • to operators for effective operation of ship’s systems and maintenance of Onega Control Panel
  • familiarisation  on normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures 

The simulator will form an integral part of the training related aspects for the life cycle support activities of the warships. The delivery will also consist of Virtual Reality 3-D Training Module  that provides navigation through all the engine rooms.