ARI to conduct navigation feasibility study in SPM Bhogat with Panamax Tanker vessel for CAIRN (CIL) India

ARI to conduct navigation feasibility study, using its advanced sihip handling simulator for CAIRN (CIL), India for defined area of SPM Bhogat with Panamax size tanker model vessel. Cairn India is one of the largest independent oil and gas explorations and production companies in India and was rated as the fastest-growing energy company in the world, as per 2012 & 2013 Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings.

Having chosen ARI for it’s skill and resources in conducting the Nav Sim Study is set to add more depth to the illustrious work being done by CAIRN India.

The study to be done will simulate berthing and unberthing conditions at SBM Bhogat under various weather conditions and contingency situations.